Blacksmithing FAQs

How can I start Blacksmithing

Contact ABANA ( or your local state blacksmithing association.

What do I need to start blacksmithing?

The desire to do so.

But I don't have a place to blacksmith, the tools or the know how.

Many blacksmiths would be happy to will welcome you into their shop ("smithy"), and teach you how to work magic in the iron

I hear blacksmithing is a dying art?

Blacksmithing is a growing art. The smiths of 30 - 40 years ago realized that the knowledge of the old smiths was being lost. These visionaries organized to preserve and pass on their knowledge and skill. Thus was born the modern Blacksmiths creed. "If I know how to do it, I will teach you"

Where do you shoe the horses?

Someone who shoes horses is called a farrier. Some Blacksmiths are farriers, most are not. All farriers are blacksmiths.

Do you get burned while you are blacksmithing?

Almost every time I'm behind the forge. Especially when I'm demostrating or have been working for many hours. But I'm used to it, I don't always feel it anymore. Plus the is magic in the slack tank. Put the burn in the slack tank and tomorrow it will not hurt.

Where do you get your coal?

From the coal bucket :), From Santa like all the other naughty little Blacksmiths :). Actually our coal comes from West Virginia.

Where do you get your tools?

One can buy new tools from places like and But after a while you will find that you can make a lot of the tools you need and want.

Why is it called blacksmithing?

Bacause after a good day in the smithy you walk out a little (or a lot) dirty.