About Us

Hohulin Forge and Anvil specializes in custom designed and fabricated Blacksmithing.

In the creation of our pieces we utilize both traditional methods, tools and modern methods, tools.

Our desire is to create a one of a kind object that can be passed down to the next generation of your family.

We strive to have our work both functional and art.

Hohulin Forge and Anvil was started by Mark Hohulin in 2004.

The Hohulin Blacksmithing tradition finds its roots in Mark Hohulin's GreatGrandfather Tim Hohulin who was a Blacksmith.

This Butcher knife was made by Tim Hohulin from a hay rack tooth.

The Blacksmiths of Hohulin Forge and Anvil are members of the Indiana Blacksmithing Association

For information on the Indiana Blacksmithing Association please follow this link. http://www.indianablacksmithing.org/